Boutique Law Firm

Conveyancing, Notary & Property-Related Matters


Chimhanda (Acknelar) Attorneys, trading as ARC Attorneys, is a boutique law firm which launched in November 2014, and which focuses on all conveyancing, notary and property-related matters.

The transfer of your property is our highest priority, and the ARC Attorneys team have a hands-on approach to engaging with all clientele – ensuring you are in good hands from the start to the end of the buying or selling of your property.

We have received consistent support from repeat clientele over the years, and have formed relationships with major property brands, Real Estate Agents, and both Home Buyers, Sellers and Commercial Property Owners, looking to buy or sell their property.


We are members of, (and uphold the standards set by), the Legal Practice Council of South Africa (LPC) which is responsible for driving excellence in the South African legal profession and safeguarding the rule of law.

We are also members of the Johannesburg Association of Attorneys (JAA), which is an association that assists its members in resolving all types of issues. The JAA represents the interests of some 2500 attorneys practicing in the greater Johannesburg area. The JAA actively represents attorneys on every conceivable forum and they cover almost every field of Law.

ARC Attorneys is a member of the Attorney Realtor Hub (ARH) which is a private association of attorneys selling properties. The ARH was founded by Meyer De Waal who is an Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer based in Cape Town. This is a value-added service which we now offer Sellers for a smaller commission percentage to sell their property and also provide the conveyancing service.

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and perform legal services across the whole of South Africa.

Property and People are our Passion. Place the transfer of your property in our hands today.


Real Estate Matters:
If you are a Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Inter-provincial Transfer Attorney – we will work with you through acting in either an advisory, supportive or active role in the transfer process, depending on the nature of your agreement with us.

We understand the BUYER and SELLER’s needs and requirements, which are:

  • To have an expedient transfer.
  • To stay informed and up-to-date on the facts related to the transfer process:
    – We send you progress reports (once a week) and when necessary if an important or urgent event has taken place.
    – We have sophisticated tracking tools which monitor the full transfer process, and we circulate notifications to you of all major milestones.
  • We also provide you with clarity on the expenses related to the sale or acquisition of the property ahead of time, so you can prepare your finances.
  • We hold the transfer funds in an investment Trust account, until they are due to be paid.

We understand the REAL ESTATE AGENT’s needs and requirements, which are (over and above those of the BUYER and SELLER’s needs):

  • Good interaction between the Transfer Attorneys and both clients – Buyer and Seller;
  • Efficient and quick release of commission funds upon successful transfer of the property.